Want to renew your MTN data plan before it expires? See list of MTN data subscription plans you can purchase now;

The MTN telecommunication is undoubtedly the best Network service provider we have out there, Nigeria precisely that can beat their chest to say they are the best and number one people’s choice for cheap and affordable MTN data plans.


So far, since I was born and now that I am getting older every single day, MTN still remains one of the best internet service provider.
Is your MTN data plan about to get exhausted and you’re not with enough cash to subscribe you usual data plan. Do not worry as you’ll be taking a look with me at all the data plans available in MTN.
With their no failing and very fast internet network service, you don’t need to worry any longer about server time down or excessive charges.

Today, together on this page which talks about, “MTN Data Plans & Prices” we will take a look at the latest code for MTN subscription data plans for browsing, the prices and how to active MTN internet browsing on your device.

Few years ago, MTN was having lots of data subscription plans for mobile devices like Blackberry, Android, iOS and Modem. But now as Companies now produced quality phones that consumes a large amount of data, the subscription plans has been reduced to only 9 affordable MTN data plans.

So if you’re thinking of subscribing for as low as 100 Naira, you’re safe as they are still nine MTN data plans to decide from.

This was also done to make it more convenient for MTN users with small devices to comfortably choose a plan of their choice.

However, MTN has also developed a simpler customized data plan that suits big
devices like Samsung, iPhone and Tablets.

Like every other internet network provider in Africa, MTN also offer daily MTN data plans, weekly MTN data plans, monthly MTN data plans and also a very standard subscription plans that might take years depending on how much you used to purchase the unlimited plan.

Obviously, MTN has the sharpest and most costly data plans for mobile devices and they are known for excessive charges.
However, they are very good and provide 4G coverage likewise 5G for smart phones. But with fast growing rivals like Airtel and Glo providing very cheap and interesting data subscription plans to wins hearts of their customers; MTN is forced to make their own data plans very much affordable and low.

MTN internet data bundle is now more affordable and offers a lot more value than any other internet providers in Nigeria. They drastically reduced their data subscription plans, from 15 to 12…. making it very easy for users to choose the plan that suits their budget.

Without much ado,let’s proceed to the reason why you are here which is to see the list of MTN data plans and their prices.


The table below clearly shows all the available MTN data plans, code to purchase any of the plan and their validity period.

MTN data PlansPriceHow to SubscribeValidity
1 GB + 500MB Bonus#1000text 106 to 13130days
1.5 GB#1200text 130 to 13130days
2.5 GB + 1GB Bonus#2000text 110 to 13130days
5 GB#3500text 107 to 13130days
10 GB#5,000text 116 to 13130days
22 GB?10,000text 117 to 13130days
50 GB?20,000text 118 to 13130days
85 GB#50,000text 133 to 13130days
50MB + 25MB Bonus#100text 104 to 13124 hours
150MB + 75MB Bonus#200text 113 to 13124 hours
150 MB weekly#300text 103 to 1317days
750 MB weekly#500text 103 to 1317days

Phew! And those are all the available data plans MTN currently have. You can choose any of that and you’re on your way to browsing the internet without any stoppage. Do same thing when your data is exhausted!


Now that you’ve seen the data plans MTN have, here are the most recent MTN internet bundle plans and prices as at February 2019 that you can purchase;

MTN cheap browsing for mobile, 1GB + 500MB Bonus (24/7 30 days) – ? 1000
Mobile Internet subscription of 1.5 GB (24/7 30 days) – ? 1200
Mobile Internet subscription of 2.5 GB + 1GB Bonus (24/7 30 days) – ? 2000
5 GB mobile MTN subscription (24/7 30 days) – ? 3500
10 GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – ? 5,000
22 GB MTN internet plan (24/7, 30 days) – ? 10,000
50 GB MTN internet bundle plan (24/7, 60 days) – ? 20,000
85 GB MTN internet bundle plan (24/7, 90 days) – ? 50,000
MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 50MB + 25MB Bonus (24 hours) – 100 Naira
MTN Daily data plan, 150MB + 75MB Bonus (24 hours) – 200 NGN
150MB MTN Weekly data plan for mobile (24/7, 7 days) – 300 NGN
500MB + 250MB Bonus MTN Weekly data plan for mobile (24/7, 7 days) – 500 NGN

And that is it! Here, you have it, list of “MTN Data Plans” and their prices. Should in case you have one or two question about MTN subscription data plans or you think I gave a wrong code somewhere? Feel free to correct me or ask your question in the rectangular comment box below. I’ll reply you as fast as I can.

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