Are you new to blogging or an existing blogger searching for the positive way on how to make money blogging?

If your answer is yes, search no more, you have come to the right place with the answer to your entire question on making money from your blog.

Actually, gone are those days where bloggers were blogging for passion, almost every blogger’s intention is to make money from their blog these days which is nice; this is where the question on how to make money blogging Comes in.

Therefore, I will reveal to you the five positive ways on how to make money from your blog today.


Blog Setup

Set up a blog in WordPress if you haven’t done so, if you don’t have any budget in setting up a blog then you may check out this guide on how to create a blog for free and make money using Google Blogger.

Take Note:  Making money from blogging is not a quick rich scheme because it requires lots of time, patience and hard work, if you are here for quick rich scheme, I regret telling you that you are in the wrong place, you may go check else were.

Now let’s check below the proven ways to make money from your blog 

how to make money blogging

1. Selling Digital Products Online

My #1 primary ways to make money from blogging even as a beginner is by selling digital products. an example could be selling out a piece of helpful information packaged in an eBook which people always search for to solve one or two of their real World problems (information marketing) i.e How to lose weight.

Below are examples of digital products you can easily sell online and make money

  • EBooks
  • Selling online Course via PDF, video or audio format
  • Apps and software
  • WordPress theme and Plugins etc.

Getting Started With Digital marketing

You need to think about the products your audience often searches for in your niche so that you can turn them to potentials paying customers for your products,

All you have to do get your product ready, if you are not yet ready to set up your own products, then you have to get some private label right (PLR) materials to resell freely. You may also check out on one of our top converting PLR products to make money online niche with over 100 sells per month.

2. Affiliates Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest ways to make money online whether you blog or not, it’s all about promoting other people products and in return with a commission.

Getting Started With Affiliates Marketing

To get started, you first need to know your blog niche, so that you can promote products related to your niche or contents in your blog, next is to sign-up to top affiliates program.

For example, if you are in the fashion and beauty industry and your targeted audience are in Nigeria, then you may sign-up for Jumia affiliates so that you can promote related product like female wears by inserting your referral link in your blog via banner code or probably review any of their top selling products and drop your affiliates link in the post.

For digital products affiliates, I will recommend you to get this awesome plugin known has WP AFFILIATES MACHINE that can launch an affiliates site in 60 Seconds, it also has the ability to export high converting contents/reviews, graphics and video from top affiliate site like Jvzoo with your affiliates link automatically added in each review or promotions.

3. CPC And CPM Advert Monetization

One of the best ways to monetize your CPC or CPM is by placing adverts in your blog which are emphasized below:

  • CPC Advert (Cost Per Click): It’s by placing banner or text ads in your blog and get paid per click when your site visitors click.
  • CPM Advert: CPC advert or cost per thousand impressions, is an advert that paid in a giving set or fixed amount of cash which depends on the number of people that see your advert.

Getting Started With CPC And CPM Advert Monetization

The most popular advert network is Google Adsense, but before you get started, make sure your blog follow their policy guideline so that they won’t decline your request to join.

I will recommend you to read this article on how to apply for Google Adsense and actually get approved.

4. Selling Direct Adverts

Selling direct ads is one of the best ways to make money blogging and it’s almost similar to CPC and CPM advert, the only difference here is that you are selling the advert directly to customers, no middle man here just like Google Adsense which normally act as a middle man in the CPC advert.

You can set your advert rate the best way you want it. 

Selling Direct Adverts (Getting Started)

Before you can be eligible to sell direct adverts in your blog, you must have lots of daily page views and low Alexa rank. Otherwise, work very hard in your site traffic.

Ones your traffic start booming, get your advertise with us page to enable your site audience to know about your direct advert sell.

5. Rendering Digital Service Through Your Blog

Are you still looking for further ways on how to make money blogging? If yes then rendering digital service via your blog is another means of doing so.

What is a digital service? Digital service is the process of selling or rendering your digital skills as a service to clients who are in need of it, i.e an SEO consultant,  software developer, social media influencer, Facebook Bot Integrator, etc.

How To Kick Start In Digital Service through Blogging

First and foremost think about something you know how to do best, come up with a landing page for your service.

Doing this will make your customers  learn about your service and subscribe for it, and then do nothing but to get their job done.

Alternatively, you can be rendering service outside your blog through freelancing as another side hustle of making money online.

Congrats, I believe you now know the 5 proven ways on how to make money blogging fast.

Should in case you have one or two contributions or questions on this article, don’t hesitate to drop it down on the comment section.

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