Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to make money online. In this modern age where interest for work from home opportunities continue to increase, affiliate marketing is an awesome pick.
As a blogger or internet entrepreneur, affiliate marketing can serve as a good source of income.
Are you ready to up your game? Let’s get you up and ready on all you need to know. We will be covering the following in this Affiliate Marketing for beginners guide :AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR BEGINNERS

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to start Affiliate Marketing
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
  • Tips for Affiliate Marketing
  • How do you get paid?

It is important to note that for affiliates marketing to become profitable it has to be done right. But trust me, that shouldn’t scare you. As seen above, I will be putting at your disposal some tested, trusted and profit-yielding tips.

I am excited to walk you through the whole process because i trust that by the time we are done, you will have learned a great deal. Let’s begin.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online business where you get paid commission for promoting other peoples’ products and services. As an affiliate marketer, when you promote products for companies on your website you earn a commission on a sale.
Let’s examine an example. You advertise some shoes sold on Amazon on your site. When visitors click the link that leads them to Amazon and they purchase a pair of those nice kicks, you get a commission on that sale. Get the picture now? Let’s move on to the next section.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

1)Select a profitable niche – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

The first crucial step to starting an affiliate marketing business is choosing a niche. This will you give you an audience to direct your attention to. Profitable niches include Health, Finance, Business, fashion, skin care, and cosmetics, etc. Why should you narrow your niche? It will help you focus your attention and master a particular market.

2)Build a blog around that niche – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Now you may be wondering if you can promote affiliate products without having a blog. Off course you can. However, a blog gives you an identity. With a blog, you can track and follow up your visitors. Connecting with your visitors is essential. With a blog, you create a space where you have the freedom to be creative and gain the trust of your visitors over time. Other advantages of setting up a blog are, you can grow into selling your own products. To make the process easy, I would advise you to set up a WordPress blog. It’s easy to use fast and efficient.

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3)Join affiliate programs – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

When the blog is ready, the next step is to select and sign up for an affiliate program. Again, the program you sign up for depends on the niche you choose. To make the best decision on which affiliate program to sign up for, research the product to examine user reviews. If a lot of users are already in demand for this product, then you should consider your plan to be on track. If not, try choosing a different product, I recommend Amazon affiliate because it is trusted globally for shopping.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

  • Zero financial risks involved: you do not have to pay for the products or buy them, you don’t even need to pay to become an affiliate. So, it’s just you and your ability to captivate and connect. Exciting right?
  • No special expertise is needed: what does this mean? You don’t need any special or prior experience. All you need is the readiness to learn and master the methods that guarantee the best results.
  • Easy to set up – your dream of making money from the comfort of your home can be easily achieved. With a few steps, you will be up and ready to start a thriving business.
  • The opportunity is limitless: the amount of money you can make in a month is limitless. With the right strategies in place, you can make thousands of effortlessly.

Tips for Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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  • know what you sell: why is this essential? It will help you describe and persuade the best way possible. Drafting a marketing strategy is made even easier. It isn’t complex, it’s all about making people see reasons to buy a product.
  •  Put links to the product in each article: attaching links to the products each content talks about will give your visitors easy access to the products.
    Use quality images: people are driven by visual content. Clear images will help your readers to have a visual representation of the product.

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  • Keep your content updated: as your traffic continues to increase, it is important to keep your content fresh even as trends grow. Remember, the quality of your content is highly dependent on the volume of sale you will pull.
  • Use quality images : people are driven by visual content. Clear images will help your readers to have a visual representation of the product.
  • Keep your content updated : as your traffic continues to increase, it is important to keep your content fresh even as trends grow. Remember, the quality of your content is highly dependent on volume of sale you will pull.
  • Utilize the power of social media: the wider your audience, the more sale you get. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn can do a great deal of good.

How do you get paid? – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Alright, it sounds good in all. It’s easy to set up and no financial risk, but how do I get my money? Some affiliate marketers find it hard to get their earnings but not you because I will tell you how.

Majority of affiliate marketing companies pay via PayPal account, but Nigeria isn’t allowed to receive money via PayPal yet. A suitable substitute is getting a Payoneer account and card. From a Payoneer account and card, you can withdraw from any ATM in Nigeria.


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