Need to know how to install Google Analytics to WordPress blog, knowing how your blog is performing by your audience is really an amazing idea to think of for the development or improvement of your website or blog.

The most excellent way to know your audience is from your site statistics and that’s what Google analytic tool do for free.

On this guide, I will share with you step by step guide on how to add Google analytics to WordPress (WP) site, why you should add Google analytics to your blog as an essential tool.

Firstly, I will share with you why you should add Google analytics to WordPress as an essential tool, how to integrate Google analytics WordPress in your blog and finally how to read Google analytic traffic report.

So are you ready? If so let’s press down the gas pedal.


Every blogger 1st goal is to drive traffic and get more subscribers after setting up a blog, so here we come, Google Analytics save the headache by providing traffic data in the various area that helps make targeted data driven decision by presenting you the statistic that matter most. You can see below why Google analytic is essential:

  • What do visitors do when they are on your website?

With Google analytics, you can track out the activities of what people do in your site, how long they spend in your site, and what is the bounce rate (the percentage of site visitors exit when they first visit your site).

You can use this information to improve your page views and reduce the percentage of your bounce rate, to rank your article and increase your page view you must do  effective keyword research for your article.

  • Who visits your site with their geographical location?

You can use this information to know the geographical location of your website visitors, the web browser they use and other useful information.

  • When do people visit your blog?

With this information, you will be able to spot out the particular time with the highest amount of your website visitors so you can schedule your post to meet the hottest hours of your site visitors.

  • How do people find your blog from the crowd?

This aspect of Google Analytics shows you where your site or blog visitor’s click is coming from, i.e. back or Referral links from another blog, search engines, Direct Links clicking).

Now you get why you should add Google analytics to WordPress blog, next is how to register Google analytics account and how to integrate Google analytics to your blog.

add google analytics wordpress


STEP 1:Firstly before you put in Google analytics to your site, you need to sign up with your existing Google analytic, to do this visit   Google analytic and sign up with your existing Google account. I suggest leaving your Google analytic tap or windows open because you may need to come back to it during Google analytics installation in your blog.

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STEP 2: After signing up, you will be prompted on a screen when you have to choose between a website and a mobile app, in this case, you have to select website, next is to fix in your profile name, (I suggest you use the name of your site), domain name (URL), country and your time zone.


After filling in that information above next is to click on the Get Tracking ID button where you will be redirected to Google analytics terms and conditions, click on I agree.

STEP 3:   After clicking on get tracking ID, you will be provided with a screen where you can copy your tracking ID, you can copy your tracking ID because you may need it depends on the method you use for integration.

add google analytics to wp blog 2.png

Now you get and know how to sign-up Google analytics account, next you will learn is how to add Google analytics to WordPresss blog.


There are a small number of various ways to install Google analytics, on this article we will focus on integrating analytics with MonsterInsights plugins on WP blog.

MonsterInsights is the most popular and easiest way to install analytics to WordPress for newbie’s and experts, more than a million webmasters use MonsterInsight in there site.

This WordPress Plugin comes with a free and paid version for more features. On this tutorial we will be using the free version.

You can download MonsterInsights here for free to enable you to install it manually by uploading the downloaded zip file.

To automatically install MonsterInsight in WordPress login to wordPress  i.e>>navigate to plugins>>click add new>>from the search bar to enter keyword, type in and search for ‘‘MonsterInsight’’>>from the search result find and install MonsterInsight plugins by clicking “install now button as shown in the image below

add google analytics to wp blog 3.jpg

Now you have successfully created your Google analytics account, next is to learn how to install Google analytics to WordPress blog.

After installation and activation, the plugin will add a new insight menu to WP admin menu, click on it to launch the plugin setup wizard.

Ones the set up wizard as been launch, you will be asked to select what your website is about (business, e-commerce, and publisher blog), select one, hit save and continue.

Next step is to click on Connect “MonsterInsights”.

After which, you will be redirected to a screen where you have to login Google to continue, insert your gmail and password to continue if you are not logged in.

On your next screen, you will be asked “ want to access your Google account”, you must click “allow button” to continue.

Next is to insert the profile you want to track, in this case, you need to select your site URL, lastly hit “Complete connection” button to carry on.

After hitting Complete connection, MonsterInsights will now install Google Analytics in your wordpress blog.

Next you will be asked to decide on the recommended setting for your site, the recommended setting is fine for most site, just click on “save and continue” button.

On your next screen, the plug-in will display add-ons that you can way in if you upgrade to monsterInsights PRO version. You can simply hit on the “Save and Continue’’ button to by pass this step.  

Next you will be ask to install WPForms plugin, click “skip this step”

Congratulations, you now know the benefits and how to add Google analytics to WordPress blog, Next on this article, we will be treating how to read reports from the analysis.


The most interesting stuff about monsterInsights is that you can quickly overview your site report or statistics directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.


To view report by Google analytics; navigate to insight at the lower side of your WP admin dashboard, click on it, next is to click reports to quickly view your site analytic data and that’s all.


Note:  when Google analytics is integrated into your blog it takes about a whole day to display your site report.

Hope this guide helps you  to setup Google analytics account and also help you add Google analytics to WordPress blog, if so please share this article with your social media Friends with the social media icons below.

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