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About GBtechnet

What is Gbtechnet all about? Gbtecnhet, it’s an online platform that globally showcases enlightenment on updates on technology, MMO & blogging tips effectively.

Gbtechnet is the brain child of Godbless Iboyi, an online entrepreneur, pro blogger, and business coach since 2015…
I can always commit to memory the felling of learning how modern technologies or even modern computers works and have always had a wholehearted interest in technologies that made me write review and technical solutions on tech then when I was only on Facebook, at that time I mainly showcases windows computer talk/ issues with solutions, all these past experiences urges me to write reviews and blog on tech update presently in our digital world. I have great
Pleasure when I think of setting up a powerful blog to showcase my passion globally.
Actually, Gbtechnet vision was not just from my past tech experience, but learning HTML programming languages and CSS using notedpad++ code editor urges me then to start up a free blog plan on Google blogger and wordpress.com platform, as time goes on, getting used to web-development makes me advance up to this level, so here we come gbtechnet.com.

Gbtechnet was founded and developed early 2019 to enlighten his audience globally learn more about techs update and reviews blogging for money, web-design/development and other related helpful stuff in web-development and digital marketing.

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