With smart phones and devices being established at a fast rate, 9mobile also isn’t sleeping as they are working tirelessly to make 9mobile data plans more affordable to Etisalat (9mobile) network users.

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9mobile is gradually growing at a very fast phase and can’t be compared to telecommunication providers like Glo and Airtel. 9mobile Nigeria is a developing Internet Service Network in Nigeria.


In today’s episode of tech, you’ll get to learn more about 9Mobile (Etisalat) data Bundle Plan for Android, iPhone & Laptop.
Find out all you need to know about affordable 9mobile data plans for Android, iPhones, Modem and Wifi subscription to browse the internet on this same page.

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With 9mobile being your DATA network, you will definitely enjoy 4G coverage to watch videos on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll also have stable broadband service and richer online experience or should I say good performance.

List of 9mobile (ETISALAT) Data Plans 2019 & Their Prices

As we all know 9mobile also have the best network coverage when it comes to browsing. They are Nigeria’s second best internet service provider at the moment after MTN.
We also know that, 9mobile data plans aren’t really cheap as compared to that of Glo and Airtel. But still, you can still manage to subscribe to the internet as they are cheap and very affordable Etisalat data plans for subscription.

See the table below, which clearly shows all the available data plans in Etisalat/ 9mobile and their respective prices, and validity period.

9mobile data planPriceUSSD CodeValidity
Daily 10MBN50*229*3*8#24 hours
Daily 40MBN100*229*3*1#24 hours
Quaterly plan (30GB)N27,500*229*5*1#90days
Bi-annual plan (60GB)N55,000*229*5*2#120days
100GB PlanN84,992*229*4*5#130 days
Annual plan (120GB)N110,000*229*5*3#365 days

N50 for 10MB
This is kinda low, you may think. But trust me, it will last you for more than 30 minutes. This plan gives you 10MB data for just #100 ; valid for 24hours (1day). To subscribe , dial *229*3*8# or text MI3 to 229.

N100 for 40MB
This isn’t fair compared to how much MTN gives you. This plan gives 50MB data for #500 which is valid for 7 days. To subscribe , dial *229*3*1# or text Ml2 to 229.

N200 for 150MB
Were you expecting 200MB for #200? If yes,you may be right because all network providers does that so 9mobile shouldn’t be different and they surprised us by being different actually.You get 150MB for N200. You can dial *229*2*10# or send LCD to 229 for 7 days.

N500 for 500MB
This plan gives you 500MB with N500. Activate by dialing *229*2*12# or text LCD2 to 229 for 30 days. Meanwhile, there is another data plan in the 9mobile internet bundle that gives the same data cap with different code. Dial *229*2*11# or SMS Smarta to 8183.

N500 for 1GB (weekend plan)
For everyone who wants to enjoy their weekend by spending time on the internet, while on budget, here is the best plan for you. You have 1GB of data plan for N500. To activate, dial *5995*2#, valid from Friday 11:59pm – Sunday 11:59pm

N1,000 for 1GB
This is one of the cheapest data plan for android phones in Nigeria. This plan gives 1GB data for exactly #1,000 and the data is valid for 30days. you can subscribe by dialing *229*2*22# or text smartb to 8183.

N2,000 for 2.5GB
Another good offer is the 2.5GB for #2,000 9mobile data plan , which is valid for 30days. You can subscribe by dialing *229*2*44# or text smartc to 8183.

N3,500 for 5GB
Get 3GB data for N3,500 Naira , valid for 30days. Dial *229*2*33# or text smartd to 8183.

N8000 for 11.5GB
This plan gives 11.5GB data for #8000 ; valid for 30 days. To get started , dial *229*2*55# or text smarte to 8183.

N27,500 for 30GB
You get 30GB data for #27,500 naira , valid for 90 days (3 months). Dial *229*5*1# to subscribe or text 4M to 229.

N55,000 for 60GB
On this plan , you get 60GB worth of data that is valid for 120 days (4months). Dial *229*5*2# or text 6M to 229.

N84,992 for 100GB
Do you want 100GB data on the 9mobileNetwork? then get read to shell out #84,992. Dial *229*4*5# or text SM5 to 229. Please note that this plan is valid for just 30 days (1month)

N110,000 for 120GB
This is the highest and most expensive 9mobile Data Plan that is available in Nigeria. This plan gives 120GB for #110,000 , valid for 365 days (1 year).

This plan is best suitable for Big companies that rely on heavy internet usage. Dial *229*5*3# to subscribe or text 12M to 229.

And that is all you need to know about 9mobile data plans and its prices. Want to ask questions or want help with purchasing an Etisalat data plan? Feel free to reach out tome in the comment box below.

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