Its sometimes annoying when your PC keep displaying windows is not genuine and automatically turn your desktop background to black which requires you to purchase genuine windows directly from Microsoft, meanwhile there are some step to fix the copy of window is not genuine permanently without any purchase of a new copy from Microsoft. If you have these issues in your Computer for some couple of time you tried uninstalling KB971033 or using SLMGR –REARM in command mode but to no avail, congratulation, you just move into the right place. This article will work you through the various step to fix the error message permanently which usually shows ‘’ the copy of windows is not genuine’’ below are the various steps on how to fix the copy of windows is not genuine permanently.STEP 1: click on the start menu or hit your windows key and then type in “view installed update” and then hit enter to open windows to view installed update, check and uninstalled for update KB971033 after that, disable auto update and restart the computer. If you carry out this step successful but windows keep showing windows is not genuine error message don’t panic you should try step two to see if it works out if it does not scroll down for more details.
STEP 2: You need to open the command prompt as administrator to get rid of windows is not genuine. For this to be achieve, you first need to click on start menu or hit windows logo key and then type in “CMD.EXE” and then right click on it from search suggestion, on the displayed dialog box select run as administration to launched command prompt, on command mode you are required to type in “SLMGR -REARM” then hit enter, after this procedure windows will notify you that the command is successful you will be required to restart your computer to enable the effect. Ones you see this successful notification and you have restarted your computer, windows will be genuine and you can now change the theme of your choice.
But If you carried out this step and you notice windows keep showing an error message after typing ‘’slmgr –rearm’’ as administration then you need to strictly follow the procedures below.WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE - FIX THE COPY OF WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE ERROR MESSAGE PERMANENTLY 1. Note after slmgr you need to hit space bar for ones before inserting dash symbol (-) then lastly ‘’rearm’’ and if you also spell wrongly or didn’t follow this procedure below you won’t be successful until you spell correctly
Secondly, if use command “ SLMGR –REARM” and windows keep showing error messages or code the remaining part of this article will give you the various reason and solution which are listed below:
1. You might not open command mode as an administration
Solution right click on CMD.EXE and click run as administration
2.` Just try SLMGR/REARM instead of SLMGR –REARM
3. Open the command prompt as administrator, type CD and press enter,
Type cd/windows32 and press enter.
After all this command you will see C:/windows/system32>. Now use this command C:/windows/system32>SLMGR –REARM
4. Let’s try rename slmgr.vbs file that might have other extensions.
You need to remove the extension by renaming the file from slmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT to slmgr.vbs, to do this need to go to my computer or just press the combination of windows + E key to launched file explorer so you can see my computer which is also known as This Pc on Windows 8.1 and above, from there you can access your local disk (C drive), open C drive or local disk C, from the next displayed screen check and open windows folder (the very folder named widows on C DRIVE), scroll down till you see slmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT, right click on it and rename it has slmgr.vbs, if u don’t see any extension as REMOVEWAT then you are expected to remove any word at the end of slmgr.vbs. (This tip works out most especially when the methods mention earlier are applied but to no avail)
When you Strictly follow the above method properly on this article, you will not see any error in the future or windows is not genuine message, you can keep using your operating system for a very long time but without updates.
Good luck, you can now enjoy genuine windows copy and customize or change the theme of your choice.
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