In case you don’t watch a lot of international news, or don’t trade stocks or have been living under a rock lately, the biggest economy, USA (thousand points for guessing) started a war with its biggest arch-rival, China which is the second-biggest economy. But it’s not about arms, ammunitions or nuclear weapons this time, it’s about trade. A trade war so big that it resulted in the bloodshed of money and a disturbance in the global economy as a whole.

You know that the earthquake is big when it uproots even the biggest tree in the forest. The same happened with the US-China trade war, which nearly knocked out the biggest technology giant in China, Huawei. It got hit and as a result, had to create its own Operating System (like IOS and Android) called Ark OS/Hongmeng OS/Oak OS.

What happened in the trade war that made Huawei take such a bold decision? What could be the future of the Oak OS? Is the Oak OS meant to die? You can find answers to this question (and even more of them) in this article.



The story starts much, much long ago when Donald Trump got elected as the President of the USA in 2016. One of his tweets in 2014 indicated his motivation behind trying to cut ties with China. He tweeted, “Remember, China is not a friend of the US”. That might seem like a small remark but in 2017, when he was in power, he granted permission to carry out an investigation on China’s trade policies with the US.

They realised that the US was falling into trade deficit (the difference between imports and exports, suggests that the country is dependent on others for resources), and China constituted 67% of the trade deficits, which is huge just for one nation. The reason was that China didn’t require many imports from the US but the US was heavily dependent on China’s cheap labour and cheap resources. The solution to this problem, according to Donald Trump was hidden in the word “tariff”.

A tariff is a tax imposed by the country importing resources on the country exporting them

Now, to repel China from exporting too many resources, the US started imposing big tariffs on China-based products. The result was a drastic increase in the prices of Chinese goods for the American producers as well as consumers using them, due to which they chose cheaper American goods instead.

As a result of consumer behaviour, China was forced to reduce its exports which stabilised the United States’ trade deficit. But China retaliated and did the same thing to the US, the whole thing being called a trade war.

“Enough of this boring lecture, where’s Huawei in this?”


No matter how fairly competitive Huawei seems, it has always had a dark side to it. It has been accused of intellectual property thefts, espionage, dealing with terrorists multiple times since it started doing business in the first place. Its CFO (also the CEO’s daughter) got arrested in Canada in December 2018. This is one of the biggest reasons why the USA thinks that Huawei could be a big threat that is spying on US citizens and probably on the advantage of the whole trade war

But the thing doesn’t just end here. There are multiple reasons just like Huawei’s history that made it the centre of hue and cry. Another reason being the fact that China has projected to be the only country that would actually implement 5g before 2020. Other countries are not even close. Huawei, being the “Apple” of China, is sure shot the one winner that gets the 5G contract, which could potentially decrease the chances of the US being a country that gets the contract from Huawei.

Huawei may seem like an unfamiliar name but its revenue projections show a big increase in its market share.

Huawei’s smartphone shipment increased from a meagre 5% in 2015 to a crazy 17% in 2019. Other major rivals like Apple and Samsung couldn’t even maintain their worldwide market share. Though the trend is a little different in the USA, Huawei’s market share increased in the US as well. Seeing a rival brand reach this fast to run over the best company in your country, how would you react?

Donald Trump reacted aggressively seeing that a company with such a negative repute and allegations was rapidly increasing its market share amidst a trade war.

On May 15th 2019, Donald Trump signed an Executive order refraining any US-based company from doing business with Huawei

What the order implied was that Huawei had to cut all ties with companies such as Android and Google. So to exist as a company, Huawei had to create an OS which does not support Google or Microsoft.


Huawei’s excellence can be measured by the fact that it is still relevant after being hit by such a big tide. All of its smartphones were compatible with Google and were fully android-supported, and now both of these things are non-existent. Still, instead of becoming bankrupt, the company found a way out of this, thanks to something happened 7 years ago.

The founder, Ren Zhengfei conducted a secret meeting with some top Huawei executives with the motive to come up with ideas that could make Huawei less dependent on Google’s Android. They agreed to secretly build an OS, independent of Google that could work even in a future ban by the US.

The CEO was smart enough to understand this possibility which became a reality. That meeting came to known with the name ‘lakeside talks’. Everything related to the strategy was kept classified and out of reach of even the top tier employees of Huawei.

A lab and a developer team were assigned to this task. Huge chunks of profit have been diverted towards this mission of R&D. After the Executive order by Trump, a disclosure was made by Huawei’s mobile head Richard Yu Chengdong about the new OS.

On 24th May, Huawei filed a trademark request with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) for the names Huawei Ark OS, Huawei Ark, Ark and Ark OS.


“I think our role has been exaggerated by them (Donald Trump and other US officials)”, Said Ren Zhengfei, the CEO of Huawei in an interview with CNBC. He believed that the ban on Huawei in the US wouldn’t cost them as much as the world thinks, because a very little part of their sales was from the US. Huawei has projected 130 billion dollars in revenue and is growing at a rate enough to not care about what the US thinks or does.

The executive order by trump didn’t mean that Huawei was fully disbanded from trading with American firms, it’s just that they would have to get approval from the US government, according to Ren.

But after a few weeks, the CEO admitted in a show “a coffee with Ren” that the ban was more serious than they expected. The revenue is projected to drop from 125 billion to 100 billion in the next year.

He is confident about the revival of these numbers in 2021. An important thing not to forget is the fact that it probably has faster access to 5g technology than any other corporation in the world. But on the other hand, Google has revoked Huawei’s android licence which means that it can’t have android in its phones.


One thing that we can conclude about Huawei is that it does not want control of foreign government, companies and sellers on its sales, which is why it is a private company in itself. Hence the Ark/Hongmeng OS is going to reach the market soon (probably the fourth quarter this year)

It is rumoured to be 60% faster than the android, but also more data theft-prone. But there are a few facts that we can surely rely on.

  • The name of the OS is probably Hongmeng in China and Ark in other foreign markets because the trademark requests made by Huawei are for these two names only.
  • The Operating system isn’t just for the smartphone world. It is also developed for things like tablets, laptops and even PCs. Hence, it’s going to be an atmosphere like windows and Apple, unlike Android.
  • The Os is based on Linux and could be very similar to the rival Android because it is Linux-based as well. The plus point is that it will be compatible with other applications that only Android supports. About a million of them are already sent for testing.

We know that the OS is coming, we know that it’s new, but the only question that is left is the consumer behaviour which can only be answered if you see this post using a Huawei phone with the Ark OS. Till then, be curious


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Youtube Converter Mp4 [Download Youtube Video To Gallery Without Any App]

Do you often see nice and interesting videos in YouTube and same time looking for the best way on how to download YouTube videos to mp4 which will save in your gallery or internal storage without any app or software (youtube converter mp4)?

If yes, you have click on the right post, today I will show you the simplest and fastest way to download youtube video to the gallery without any app, let’s get started.

Youtube Converter Mp4

 Don’t like reading, watch the short video tutorial on YouTube converter mp4

Various Steps To Download YouTube Videos To Mp4


To download YouTube videos to mp4 you need to visit YouTube or launch your YouTube app for mobile after wish to select the video you wish to convert to mp4 or save to internal storage.


After selecting the video you wish to download, click share under the video, you will see either the video link with Copy button as shown in the image below, or copy to clipboard button depends on the platform you are using to access YouTube.

youtube converter mp4

Whatever, any of them you come across on your device, just click copy or copy to clipboard to get the video link placed inside your computer or mobile phone clipboard, alternatively, right click on the video, and click copy video URL if you are accessing YouTube with a computer. 


After copying your Video URL or link, next is to start downloading the video as an Mp4 file directly to your internal storage in less than a minute.

To do this click here or visit, paste the YouTube video link on the paste link section, and click start,

youtube converter mp4

The video wizard will now start to analyze and convert the video from youtube database and prepare for download.

How to download youtube videos to gallery


After the video have been converted successfully, you will be redirected to a screen with the Download or covert again option, select Download, and save the file, and watch out why the wizard downloads the video to gallery or internal storage. 

youtube downloader mp4


You will see the video you just downloaded in the same place or your regular download folder where your existing music and videos you downloaded earlier where saved.

For Windows users, press the combination of Windows + E keys, and select download folder, you will surely see it there, while mobile users you will surely see it in gallery.


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With our YouTube converter mp4 tutorial, you will be able to also download Facebook, and Instagram videos to internal storage without any app.

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Are you new to blogging or an existing blogger searching for the positive way on how to make money blogging?

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Actually, gone are those days where bloggers were blogging for passion, almost every blogger’s intention is to make money from their blog these days which is nice; this is where the question on how to make money blogging Comes in.

Therefore, I will reveal to you the five positive ways on how to make money from your blog today.


Blog Setup

Set up a blog in WordPress if you haven’t done so, if you don’t have any budget in setting up a blog then you may check out this guide on how to create a blog for free and make money using Google Blogger.

Take Note:  Making money from blogging is not a quick rich scheme because it requires lots of time, patience and hard work, if you are here for quick rich scheme, I regret telling you that you are in the wrong place, you may go check else were.

Now let’s check below the proven ways to make money from your blog 

how to make money blogging

1. Selling Digital Products Online

My #1 primary ways to make money from blogging even as a beginner is by selling digital products. an example could be selling out a piece of helpful information packaged in an eBook which people always search for to solve one or two of their real World problems (information marketing) i.e How to lose weight.

Below are examples of digital products you can easily sell online and make money

  • EBooks
  • Selling online Course via PDF, video or audio format
  • Apps and software
  • WordPress theme and Plugins etc.

Getting Started With Digital marketing

You need to think about the products your audience often searches for in your niche so that you can turn them to potentials paying customers for your products,

All you have to do get your product ready, if you are not yet ready to set up your own products, then you have to get some private label right (PLR) materials to resell freely. You may also check out on one of our top converting PLR products to make money online niche with over 100 sells per month.

2. Affiliates Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the coolest ways to make money online whether you blog or not, it’s all about promoting other people products and in return with a commission.

Getting Started With Affiliates Marketing

To get started, you first need to know your blog niche, so that you can promote products related to your niche or contents in your blog, next is to sign-up to top affiliates program.

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3. CPC And CPM Advert Monetization

One of the best ways to monetize your CPC or CPM is by placing adverts in your blog which are emphasized below:

  • CPC Advert (Cost Per Click): It’s by placing banner or text ads in your blog and get paid per click when your site visitors click.
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Getting Started With CPC And CPM Advert Monetization

The most popular advert network is Google Adsense, but before you get started, make sure your blog follow their policy guideline so that they won’t decline your request to join.

I will recommend you to read this article on how to apply for Google Adsense and actually get approved.

4. Selling Direct Adverts

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Selling Direct Adverts (Getting Started)

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How To Kick Start In Digital Service through Blogging

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The given name is one which is the most downloaded application from 9Apps free Android App there is many more application are there in the market which we can use or most downloaded application which I had not mentioned in the above list. Each application I shared you above, you may not be going to find all that in one phone as every user have different need and usage.

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Are you a newbie or new to blogging and looking for the best way on how to create a blog for free and make money from it?

If your answer is yes, search no more, you have come to the right place. On this very post or guide, I will teach you the step by step guide on how to create a blog for free and make money from it.

Before we dive into the deal of the day, let’s check out what is blogging all about.

What Is A Blog? 

A blog can be best explained as a category of a website mainly for the purpose of sharing helpful information & discussion which is available on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Therefore to be a successful blogger you must be ready to post helpful content or information (Unique content) to your readers and also give room for discussion.

How To Know A Blog Site With Ease

 You can easily detect a Blog site through is homepage, blog homepage is regularly updated by new contents or post, while a website homepage is always static, such as a page showing a website product, services, and offers.

Click here to see an example of a blog.

Click here to see an example of a website.

Enough of much talk, now we know what blogging is all about, let’s dive into the deal day.


We will work accordance just as the main heading suggest “how to create a blog for free and make money”, there are two good and popular platform to build a blog for free without spending a dime for hosting account and domain. Below are the two blogging platforms or content management system (CMS)


In here you would be able to build a blog for free and share ideas and information but with a lot of limitations in monetary terms and blog customization.

In this case you can sign up and create your blog, and remember to select a free plan including a free domain (, in here, you can only share information’s and sell out products manually on this platform as the only means of monetization not until you upgrade which cost much in compare to any other hosting company like Namecheap and Hostgator

And wait! Don’t just sign up yet

Let’s check out some of its feature first

  • not able to monetize with Google Adsense
  • You don’t have full control over your site customization
  • Frequent Ads in your blog e.t.c
  • Recommendation mails always wanting you to upgrade to a paid plan
  • You can’t use a custom domain ( not until you upgrade, you are only allowed to use the sub-domain in there free plan (
  • As written earlier you can share information and only monetize via information marketing (selling digitals products) etc.


This platform is own and powered by a leading and popular company known as Google.

In here, it’s always free to use, you won’t be receiving an email recommending you to upgrade an account.

Let’s Check Out Is Features 

  • monetization with Google Adsense
  • You may be able to monetize with adverts and banners with affiliates code containing your affiliates link
  •  monetization via information marketing
  • Alll the tools and customization can be use since Google makes it totally free but you don’t add any extra plugin
  • Blog owners can decide not to use their free domain ( and buy a custom domain ( without any other additional fees etc.

From my key explanations on the features of both blogger and, I will highly recommend you to use BLOGGER if you are not ready to invest in blogging business, later on, you can migrate your blog from blogger to (a free, popular and easy blogging software installed via Cpanel in a paid hosting account bought from a company like to enjoy more features.

Henceforth, on this guide, I will focus on how to create a blog for free and make money with Google blogger.


This is the most relevant aspect of this article, so you need to drop whatever you are doing and strictly pay attention to this session.

From now on I will teach you the step by step guide on how to start a blog for free via blogger CSS, check out step one below:

Step 1:

Click here or navigate to, next you should sign in with your existing Google account not yahoo mail.


From the next screen, you will be required to insert your profile blogging name, in this case, you may put in your first name, or brand name, whatever, that will be the name that will be displayed as an author in your blog post, so just make it unique, after inserting your name hit the CONTINUE TO BLOGGER button as shown in the picture below, don’t forget to remove DEMO and put in your unique name there.


Step 3

You will be prompted with a screen similar in the image below, just hit CREATE NEW BLOG button to continue as shown in the rectangle


Step 4

On the next screen you will be provided with a form to insert the name of your new blog name and your web address which is also known as domain name or URL.

In this case put in your unique blog name and make sure it also make your URL, for example “GBtechNet” is a name of blog while the URL or web address should be “”.

After which, insert your blog address ( to see if it’s still available, if not you have to put something relevant to your blog name.

Therefore for the sake of this tutorial I will be using DemoBlog as blog name, unfortunately for web address is not available which means an existing blog is using it already, what I did here to save time I just add a later “r” to it which came up with as a available URL.

See image below


Next, you should select a theme of your choice there and click on CREATE BLOG button to continue.

Congrats your blog will be live and up and running in few minutes, next is to learn how to post in few minutes.

I hope you are enjoying this lesson on how to create a blog for free and make money if so let’s keep going.

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Gone are those days, when web developers need to learn certain programming language most especially HTML to write post with HTML code, i.e to bold the topic of this article we should use an HTML attributes of this “<b></b>” which is experimented as “<b> how to create a blog for free and make money</b>”.

Good news, no need of all this, neither learn any programming language before you start blogging, no need to type and write with code with blogger, WordPress, Wix and some other recent CSS, you can write on plain text, just as you type in words straight on Microsoft Word.

In Google Blogger or WordPress, you can easily switch between virtual writing (plane typing mode) and text writing (HTML typing mode). By default in any of them, virtual mode comes first when you hit the post button to write an article.

How To Make A Post In Blogger

You have successfully learned how to start a blog for free, next is to publish your first post or article, good writers don’t just publish so make sure you have come up with your topic niche and do proper keyword research for SEO (search engine optimization) to make up your post rank in search engine results page (SERP), although your site authority or Domain authority is a major factor Google uses to rank blogs.

After coming up with unique contents, you are expected to do nothing but to start blogging. To post, login to your blogger account with your Google account, from the home page of your admin session, click on POST, at the upper left-hand side of your screen, next is to select NEW POST button to start typing as shown in the rectangle below



As you can see in the image below the upper session is the heading of your article, while the body is under, you can also see basic typing tools like bold, italic bullet tool e.t.c they are represented in various later such as “B, I, & the bullet inserter symbol”.

Making a post these days is simple as creating a Microsoft Word documents, honestly speaking you will be fine if you can handle any of the word processing program such as Microsoft word, WordPad, WPS office, to be mention but a few.


After finishing up and would like to get the permalink to the post so your audience can view after publishing or share on Facebook and other platforms, kindly navigate to the right-hand side of your screen, select  “PERMALINK” alight the link and copy, you may customize if you wish.

Note don’t copy the link from the top of your browser, it’s only meant for blog administrator.

You may decide to draft your post or hit the publish button for your post to go live.


To update, or edit an existing post, navigate to POST, click ALL find and select the post you wish to edit, after editing hit the UPDATE button.

I believe you now know how to create a blog for free, so next is to learn how to make money from the blog.

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Here you come, how to make money online from your brand new blog, for new blogs, the only possible way to make money is to sell digital products or content marketing (information marketing), and may also sell your service after setting up your blog.

You can do this in many ways either you come up with content you do think people will be searching for to solve their problem, i.e how to lose weight, how to make money online, ultimate guide to affiliates marketing success, Google Adsense and many more, you may package it in an e-book, Video or audio file/CD.

Once you can target these people with the right category of your information or niches you will make good figures online, even when your blog is brand new, as a matter of fact, information marketing is the fastest way to make money online without any investment, and you can see success within a week or more.

In addition, you can also be selling or rendering your service to clients, example of this are graphic design, Web design, SEO consultant, blog content writer, reselling SEO service, transcribing, and video editing. If you know how to do any of this, then you just have to create a landing page of your service to convince your customers on why they should patronize you.


Google Adsense is the act of displaying ads from Google and get paid per click, this works by inserting the script code from Google to your site.

After a few Month of starting your blog, you may be able to apply for Google Adsense for approval if you meet the following conditions below

  • Your blog must be at least 2 – 3 Months of age
  • If you don’t have much traffic since your blog is still new try to make it at least 50 daily page views, traffic doesn’t really matter these days in terms of approval.
  • Your blog must have the contact us page, privacy policy page, and about us page
  • For no reason should your blog have pirated (plagiarizing) contents from other blogs, therefore all content must be unique before you think of applying for Adsense. If you are not good at writing I will recommend you to Daniel, A article writer, he writes unique and SEO friendly content, you may Whatsapp or Call him for more information about his service.
  • Your blog must not have any adult contents, contents must meet up Adsense policy and you must be 18 years and above of age.

Kindly visit this page to learn more about how to apply to Google Adsense and actually get approved.


It has been a long journey on how to create a blog for free and make money, finally, let’s check it out what affiliates marketing all about in terms of making money online.

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other people or organization product with a giving commission, for example, you can promote a product in Jumia or and in return, you will be roughly giving 10% commission from the rate of the product.

To do this in your new blog, sign up to Amazon affiliates here, after which get some product with high commission, next is to get some Amazon products reviews or promotional write-up to your blog containing your affiliate link convincing people to buy through your link. Enjoy yourself and make cool money.



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With my time spent on this guide, I believe you have successfully learned how to create a blog for free and make money.

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Later 2018, Tecno camon 11 pro (aka C11 Pro) was officially launched by Tecno, one of Nigeria popular smart Phone manufacturer and some other African Country for consumption.

You might have heard a lot about is looking and how amazing it is, the smartphone share some similarity with the older version known as Tecno Camon 11. But what you might not know about this device is that it comes with few improvements in the PRO version, such as the areas of Local Storage or Read only memory (ROM), CPU capacity, Random access memory (RAM), and camera.


From this section let’s take a look at this amazing smartphone species and features.


As I mention earlier, the camon 11 and Pro version share some similarities, physically they look alike and they maintain the same dimensions of 6.2-inches, with the same positioning of the charging/USB port under the device, power button at the lower right of the volume buttons.  But from the inside, Tecno camon 11 Pro is much better.

The smartphone comes with HD + [1500 X 720 pix] Resolution with the dimension of 6.2 Inches.


This is entirely another area where Tecno Camon 11 pro by far beats is twin brother the regular camon 11.

When it comes to the aspect of internal storage, the pro version comes with 64GB with expandability to 512GB, while the RAM is 6GB compares to its siblings with just 3/4GB of RAM.
In the aspect of processor or CPU (central processing unit), Tecno Camon 11 Pro comes with a better CPU (MediaTek MT6762) with the speed of 2.0 GigaHertz(GHz) and times two of cores than is in Camon 11.

Honestly, if you are a heavy user like frequent multitasking, then with the standard features of this device you will experience a smooth ride, no hanging or losing of data.

This also comes with great gestures futures and accelerated gaming.


What others are reading

Camon 11 Pro uses HIOS V4.1 which operating system is based on ANDROID version 8.1 Oreo.


Tecno camon 11 pro camera

On the camera aspect, Tecno Camon 11 Pro makes out the best of image possible for users through the use of is Artificial Intelligence In shot taking.

The device comes with a 16Megapixel regular back camera with quad and 5Megapixels secondary lens. Therefore it is shortly stated as it comes with 16 + 5Megapixel dual back camera, leaving is twin Camon 11 with dual camera sensors of 13 + 2Megapixel.

The machine rear camera comes with some amazing features in the inside such as AI night mode, AI portrait       mode, AI-powered HDR mode, AI beauty mode and so on.

The most amazing of the camera aspect is that it comes with a feature which the manufacturer Tecno refer to as AI Automatic Scene Detector, this features automatically switches to any of the AI modes for the best result of your image, it switches depending on the scene or environmental nature of a giving image to be taking such as the night mode, sky mode, backlighting portrait etc.

From the front, the device comes with a 24megapixel AI camera for selfie. The selfie camera also comes with AI HDR, portrait and beauty mode.

The selfie camera is also designed for face unlock and AR emoji which was newly introduced by Tecno.


The battery is the only life sustain of all mobile devices, when your battery is dead it’s assumed your phone is also dead.

Now let’s talk about the battery aspect of Tecno camon 11 Pro, it comes with a lithium inbuilt battery of 3750mAh(milli-Ampere-hours). The regular Tecno Camon 11 maintain the same similarities with is the pro version in terms of battery capacity.

In a single charge, average users can use this device for approximately a whole day.


Tecno camon 11 pro

The camon 11 pro is available in a leading online store for purchase in Nigeria, Ghana, and Keyan.

 |By from jumia Nigeria here         |Buy from Jumia Ghana here     |Buy from Jumia Kenya here


Price varies depends on your location and the office or platform you use for shopping or purchase but the device average price is  ₦75,899 in Nigeria ($210.54), for Kenya and Ghana citizen’s you may convert $210.54 to your local currency to get the current and actual price in your local currency, from the time I write this post, Camon 11 pro can be purchased in Ghana for the average price of  1,094.81Ghanaian Cedi while Kenya 21,199.27 Kenyan Shilling.


OS     –     Android 8.1 Oreo

Network     –     2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, 4GTE only

Display     –     6.2 inches dimensions

Processor     –     2.0GHz Octa-core Processor

Chipset     –     MediaTek MT6762

Ram     –     6GB

ROM     –     64GB expandable to 512GB

Colour     –     Aqua Blue, Midnight Black, Bordeaux Red

Sim type     –     Nano sim, dual sim

Camera     –     16 + 5MP rear, 13 + 2MP front selfie

Battery     –     750mAh with fast charge.

Sensor/control     –     Fingerprint scanner, face unlock, digital compass, light sensor, Accelerometer, and  proximity sensor.

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Yoast SEO premium Version 9.5 free
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Below are the features of Yoast SEO premium version

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